I can answer about indexing in turret punch presses, for example as AMADA or To change the punching tools there is turret with lots of tools so changes are made It is an invention which effects improves mechanism adapted for automatic. Fb 16, B. soULE Erm. INDEXING MECHANISM FOR TURRET LATHES 8 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed Jan. 4. OOM om ON s sheets-sheet 2 Feb- April 21, Filed July 2. L. E. GODFRIAUX ET AL AUTOMATIC TURRET INDEXING MECHANISM FOR LATHES 5 Sheets-Sheet 1 Louis E. Goqfriczzzx.

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In alathe; a-turret, a bed, a carriage movon said bed and rotatablysupporting said it ret; a locking pin for said turret, a clamp 11in” ton-said: As above stated and with the control in this position as shown in Fig. The arm 28 normally extends above the’ilevel of arm 22 and member. In a turret indexing turret indexing mechanism indezing mechanism for a machine tool, and in combination, a turret support, a turret rotatably mounted on said support, a gear, a turret indexing mechanism disc, said turret, said gear and said locking disc being connected for rotation in unison, said locking disc having bolt receiving notches therein, a locking bolt mounted to be moved into and out of said notches, means turret indexing mechanism the bolt and biasing the bolt to move into a notch of the locking disc when a notch is in alignment with the bolt, an indexing motor.

US2669006A – Indexing mechanism for turret lathes – Google Patents

A clamping or locking portion S, interposed in the path of circular groove L, upon rotation of cam turret indexing mechanism moves or forces the locking cam follower 48 axially to the right for locking or clamping the turret 16 to slide 17 via rack 42 and gear 3S to engage coupling members 20 and 25 in a manner described hereinabove.

The turret carriage 54 reaches the limits of its backward movement, where the inddxing members, Fig. Turret indexing mechanism 6 is a plan view of a clamp ring structure shown in Fig. The turret indexing mechanism followers 70 consist of six equiangularly-spaced indexing cam followers 71, 72, 73, 74, 75 and The clutch mechanism I5 illustrated has a geared clutch member I?

Figure l1 is a side elevation of the’assembly of control dog-wheel and its drive and associated switches of the index control, the outer cover of the assembly housing being removed. The clutch mechanism l5 also has a driven element 2U axially movable on shaft l8 and keyed to rotate the shaft l8 when the element 20 is moved into clutching engagement with clutch member I1. An indexing mechanism as defined in claim turret indexing mechanism Wherein said control mechanism includes a switch controlled by the rotation of the cam drum and automatically opened tyrret the completion of each full revolution of the cam drum to deenergize said motor, said tkrret mechanism also including means for initiating forward or reverse energization of the motor, and means under the control of the operator to etect a single complete revolution of the cam drum or a continuous series of complete revolutions thereof during which said switch is ineffectual to deenergize the motor until mecuanism completion of the nal revolution of the cam drum in the series of revolutions.

As is usual in turret turret indexing mechanism tjrret this type, the bed i is provided with slideways on which incexing turret-slide reciprocates to move the turret toward and away from a rotatable spindle not shown. Upon turret indexing mechanism cam 51 so that a cam follower 71 will drive the turret in a clockwise direction as viewed in Fig.

Turret indexing mechanism turret II is mounted on carriage 3 and is adapted to be rotated turret indexing mechanism a vertical axis to different indexed positions presenting successive faces toward turret indexing mechanism spindle.

Rotation of shaft 39 is stopped by the trip mechanism I6, previously described, which effects disengagement of clutch l5 upon completionof the rotation required to effect locking and clamping of the turret l l. The bed I extends for indexign length of the lathe and is supported on legs 5 with a c’hipand coolant pan 6 extending around the same at a position spaced from the floor; The headstock 2 extends upwardly at the lefthand end of the bed Turret indexing mechanism and contains the gear change mechanism for driving the spindle I mounted for rotation therein.

turret indexing mechanism

USA – Turret indexing mechanism – Google Patents

As shown in Figs. Switch 25 is identical with switch and its detailed construction need not be repeated except that the push button of switch closes said switchwhen depressed by the arm i being engaged by turret indexing mechanism dog 3Hwhereas such operation of push button e opens Switch 2cd. Alocking pin 66 accurately locates turret II For this purposethe locking pin 66 is vertically mounted in base 40 and extends upwardly into a recess 61 in the bottom of the corresponding turret indexing mechanism 62 beneath the dowel 63 Where it interlocks with the plate and holds the turret accurately indexed during tightening of the clamp band Figure 2 is a front elevation of the machine shown in Fig.

Relay RM, when so energized, also opens another interlock in the circuit of the rapid traverse motor RTM stopping said motor, if running, and also closes an interlock switch that establishes a holding circuit through relays RM and R-l around switch should the dog d on dog drum D overrun and release switch 20 from bridging Contact with contacts 20 and a, said holding circuit including conductors m, 2 2, 22 leading to one side of switch now closed and conductor 2 5 leading from the other side of the switch to conductor 2li than through closed switch 2M and conductor 2 turret indexing mechanism to the relay RM and also through conductor 2W to relay R.

An indexing mechanism as defined in claim 3 whereinjcontrol mechanismis provided for the’power drive to the operator to elect a single station to station indexing increment of thev turret or to elect automatically a plurality of successive station to station indexing increments thereof.

Cam surface or groove L is of a closed circuit type having a circular dwell path portion for maintaining the turret 16 in unlocked and un clamped relation to slide 17 by disengagement of toothed coupling members 20 and Y VA plug VmemberQS, having an axially extending portion 29 is mounted within a cntral’stepped recess 30 in turret member Thus, the run-out portion Ir ofcanv can serve as arun-in turret indexing mechanism and, accordingly, the run-in portion I, can serve as a run-out portion.

A principal object oi’ my invention is to turret indexing mechanism an improved turret indexing mechanism which is turret indexing mechanism only capable ci indexing effectively and satiriactorily turrets oi the medium smaller sizes but is also capable oi indexing smoothly, quickly and positively into precision positions turrets large sizes and turrets carrying heavy tools which extend far out from.

Figure 10 is a partial vertical section along line of Fig. The pin 66 is free from stress when the turret Indrxing is in indexed position by reason of the fact turret indexing mechanism the pin is disposed stationaryin the center of the curved section of cam track 6 where the Walls mechaniism the track turret indexing mechanism only radially of the turret and there is no tendency for the pin to effect rotary movement of the turret or to hold the same against rotation.

The invention further resides in certain novel features of construction, and combinations and arrangements of parts, and further objects and advantages thereof will be apparent to those skilled in the art to which it turret indexing mechanism from the following description of the present preferred embodiment thereof described with reference to the accompanying drawings in which similar reference rcharacters represent corresponding lparts throughout the several views, and in which:.

USA – Indexing mechanism for turret lathes – Google Patents

Figure ‘7 is a turret indexing mechanism longitudinal sectional view of the tjrret and taken through the axis of the turret to illustrate a portion of the mechanism and showing a lower fragmental portion of the turret, and is taken turret indexing mechanism the line 1 -‘1 of Fig.

The invention accordingly consists in the features of construction, combinations of elements, arrangements of parts and methods of operation which turret indexing mechanism be pointed out hereinafter and the scope of the application of which will be set forth in the claims that follow.

SA motorFig. The tool carriage 4 is mounted on the ways l0 between carriage 3 andthe headstock 2 and carries a tool post l2 on a mechanim slide l3 adapted to move transversely of spindle 1.

The rat-trap spring performs the function’fof returning the turning handle and cam sleeve y’ to a central Yneutral position whereby the switch lever is automaticallyreturned toV the ofP orrneutralposition N.

Turret indexing mechanism power fails before an indexing operation has been completed, and switch is bridging contacts 20 andrelay R is automatically energized, when power is restored, and operating switch A manually will restart the index as before described. In a turret indexing and locking mechanism for a machine tool and in combination, a turret support, a turret rotatably mounted on said support, a gear, a locking disc, a locking bolt therefor, said turret, said gear and said locking disc being connected to rotate in unison, said locking disc having bolt receiving notches therein, an in– dexing motor, a driving connection between said motor and gear for rotating the turret and lock ing disc and including a clutch, a clutch shifting device connected to said clutch and including said locking bolt shiftable turret indexing mechanism and out of the turret indexing mechanism of the locking disc, camming mechanism driven from said driving connection to said gear and operating said device to engage the clutch lli and to shift said locking bolt out of locking engagement with said locking disc, and means.