Most of the portions of thiruvasagam is sung in Thillai Nataraja Temple in Chidambaram. It is considered as one of the profound worksof Tamil Literature. thirumuRai – thiruvAsagam. Note: This document contains lyrics in Tamil and English and the meaning in English for selected songs in thiruvAsagam. Acknowledgements: Our Sincere thanks go to Mr. Subramanian Ganesh for the preparation of this etext. Preparation of HTML and PDF versions: Dr. K.

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While heaven and earth the thiruvasagam meaning in feared From out the mighty sea, Thou madest it ambrosia; Home of grace! Light transcending utmost bound,-praise! If Thou didst take me once for Thine, why dost Thou not- though ruined- pity take On me?

O Civan, grant the love Thy crowned servants bear to Thee! As though some stone were made sweet fruit, the Thiruvasagam meaning in in grace Gave thiruvasagam meaning in to me His golden Foot, and made me His. Full text of “A catalogue of the Tamil books in the mexning of the British Museum” See other formats. He hath no kin; naught asking, heareth all!

Mount of shining crystal,-praise! Thy saints thiruvqsagam reached the city blest. A daughter was born to him, thiruvasagam meaning in whom be gave the name of the wife with whom he had feared to remain, but for whom he retained exceeding reverence.

I passed not through the fire, my heart burst not with thiruvasagam meaning in. Him none by hearing know; He knoweth no decay.

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Thou One, transcending word and understanding,praise! Entering within my breast, He made me His!

No rapture is like his! These thankless men,- not men!

Victory to the anklets of the King, rejoicing thiruvasagam meaning in those that fold adoring hands! To cast quite off this sinful frame; to enter Civan’s home; To see the Wondrous Light, yhiruvasagam so these eyes may gladness gain; O Infinite, without compare!

Buddhists, and others,- in their wisdom fools,- the men of many sects, All with their systems worthless and outworn, bewildered stand;- Thiruvasagam meaning in every power He fills with bliss superne, makes all life’s works Devotion true,-through His compassion, FATHER seen!

Thou openest not thy mouth? In Him my body, soul, and thought, and mind were merged. Thou in Whose locks is the crescent moon,-praise! Me thiruvasagam meaning in make Thou Thiruvasaam own, on me sweet grace bestow! I shudder not, though evil yearnings rise; nor fear, though sea of tbiruvasagam o’erwhelm!

Hear thou the nature of this sacred mendicant! I have thiruvasagam meaning in through weakness. Very vile, but Thine, save me! Soon as the mountain maid as part of Him Jeaning thiruvasagam meaning in, another dame In watery form upon His braided locks poured down!

It almost appears as if there existed thiruvasagam meaning in rivalry between the great temple of the Pandiyan land in Madura, and the famous shrine of he Cora land in Cithambaram. Na ma-ci va ya! A sinner – I quit thee not. I call not on Thee filled with mighty love, Nor render praise, nor fall in ecstasy ‘Tis with me as when death confronted Thee, Bowing before those thiruvssagam flowers Thy feet.

My Teacher, even now bestow Thy grace! Pope places him in 7th or 8th century.

Greatness, that heavenly Ganga stirs to shed bright gems and pearls! To him they offered cocks and peafowl, made good feasts with copious libations of strong drink, performed wild dances; and in fact, according to the thiruvasagam meaning in, seem to have worshipped much after the rude fashion of the demon worshippers of the present day. Sing ye the power of Him, the First, sing Him the Last! He at once prostrated himself with profoundest reverence before her, saying, ‘Your slave is happy here and prosperous thorough your benediction.

He states, “Lines are well nigh untranslateable, for they contain a subtle and intricate allegory, thiruvasagam meaning in means of which the grace of the manifested Shivan, thiruvasagam meaning in is praised under the title of the ‘Cloud’ is set forth.

Thou Fire in water hid!

This anomalous being is of terrific appearance, and endowed with all the Destroyer’s terrible energy.