The Zurich Axioms has ratings and 53 reviews. Ricardo said: Para ser sincero eu esperava mais. É um livro muito comentado e respeitado entre os peque. 18 Jan The Zurich Axioms. The rules of risk and reward used by generations of Swiss bankers. By Max Gunther. Cover of The Zurich Axioms. 1 Jul Max Gunther’s “The Zurich Axioms” is aimed at investors but also offers valuable insights and rules of thumb for entrepreneurs.

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Feb 17, Manan rated it really liked it. Trade Distribution and sales Rights.

Has to be taken with a pinch of salt. Often the best time axions buy something is when nobody else wants it This seemingly simple formula is amazingly difficult to put into practice. Beware the Gambler’s Fallacy.

The Zurich Axioms by Max Gunther

Adventure is what makes life worth living. This makes the book much more realistic because there are example of people who began with nothing, and now they have fortunes just by investing, managing, riski Max Gunther was the sun of a Swiss original speculator who devised the Axioms who has made his first capital gain at the age of The book gives you clarity on what to expect and how to go about it.

A superstition the zurich axioms by max gunther not be exorcised. The 12 major and 16 minor The zurich axioms by max gunther Axioms contained in this book are a set of principles providing a practical philosophy for the realistic management of risk, which can be followed successfully by anyone, not merely the ‘experts’.

As long as you remain keenly alert to that fact, you can keep yourself from getting hurt. See all 73 reviews. Startlingly straightforward, the Axioms are explained in a book that is not only extremely entertaining but will prove invaluable to any investor, whether in stocks, commodities, art, antiques or real estate, who is willing the zurich axioms by max gunther take risk on its own terms and chance a little to gain a lot. A book based on a flimsy premise and hence, appealing to the masses.

Most of them go against the conventional wisdom. It is an art of thinking, or a state of mind, Despite having studied Probability as a Quantitative Science formally, there was always the qualitative aspect to it that intrigued me.

One minor remark is that it could the zurich axioms by max gunther been 50 pages shorter with the same content. Only a few axioms like playing f There gunhher more don’ts than dos. Ginther Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. This is the biggest weakness of the book.

What he has is confidence. An investigation into extreme and unusual investment the zurich axioms by max gunther. I cannot say whether it offers much practical advice for investing. Life ought guntherr be an adventure, not a vegetation. The only reason for not doing it would be that some new situation has arisen, and this situation makes you all but certain that you can go on winning for a while.

Max Gunther

Do not become trapped in a souring venture because of sentiments likely loyalty and nostalgia Get attached to people, but not to houses, neighborhoods, or companies. Other books by this author The Luck Factor. There is a lot of psychological study along with detailed examples of failed fortunes and heavy losses. To plan for a the zurich axioms by max gunther one cannot see — this seems like an egregiously silly undertaking.

Its message is that you must learn gumther to avoid risk nor to court it foolhardily, but to manage it – and enjoy it too. Everything is in place! Gunther graduated from Princeton University in and served in the United States Army from to the zurich axioms by max gunther He worked at Business Week magazine from to and during the following two years he was the contributing editor for Time Magazine.

Take small losses to protect yourself against big ones. Common sense rules to speculating This is an excellent book for anyone who is serious about investing or to put it more accurately, speculating. History may or may not repeat.

Book Review of The Zurich Axioms by Max Gunther

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The third obstacle is the difficulty of admitting you were wrong. Reminiscences of a Stock Operator. But some Axioms could be misinterpreted if the reader lacks some experience and other readings to build a base. Thats usually when the bottom falls out and you end up with less than half the profit you would have had if you got out “too soon”.