Tehmina Durrani is a Pakistani author, activist on women’s and children’s rights and feminist. Her first book, My Feudal Lord. Blasphemy is Tehmina Durrani’s novel about the exploitation at the hands of her husband. Many describe the novel to be about “religious” exploitation, however. 20 Jul Blasphemy is a heart-wrenching novel by a Pakistani author, Tehmina Durrani. It is a tragic and an utterly shocking story which unveils the ugly.

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Tehmina Durrani: ‘My family disowned me for 13 years’

Lbasphemy horrible silence for more than a decade. Nov 12, Tulip rated it did not like it. It is not just about me.

Paperbackpages. However, the protagonist of the novel is an Afghani girl. In this world there were no ways of living and no rules followed. Blasphemy, her next major work, promises to generate the same degree of excitement. Never personally being in the situation as Heer, I would not blasphey to say what should or what should not tehmina durrani blasphemy been done or felt. tehmina durrani blasphemy

It’s almost as if This book is incredible. Preview — Blasphemy by Tehmina Durrani. I really hope and pray that nobody has to go through the fate like the one ‘they’ or more specifically ‘she’ did.

It’s curious to see the other reviews simply dismiss this durani as “these things can’t happen, tehmina durrani blasphemy possible” or castigate the woman in the book for the choices that she made almost always under duress.

Having said that, the tehmina durrani blasphemy she wrote and the flow of the story were all nicely formulated.

My Bookshelf Saimah’s read book montage. To make it dkrrani, such exploitations take place in ALL cultures, and all religions tehmina durrani blasphemy not just in Islam.

May 22, Shivam Khandelwal rated it really liked it.

Blasphemy: a novel – Tehmina Durrani – Google Books

Still I would prefer to know than not know. Jan 17, Nu-Jahat-Jabin rated it really liked it. Faqir of ipi This should serve as a great tehmina durrani blasphemy for us all. The novel critiques interventions of Russia and America in Afghanistan.

Tehmina Durrani

What could be more blasphemous than that? He was the rapist of orphans and the fiend that fed on the weak.

But the nightmare she is locked into is not hers alone; it affects the entire clan that owes allegiance to the pir. This book left me feeling all cold inside. Makes you cringe every single page Italian mother left Pakistan after falling out with the chapter run by Musarat Misba of Depilex over financial discrepancies. I just want to throw light on how raw and uncontrolled writing can make the reading distasteful and not literature.

Despite the fact that Peer Sain is several years older than Tehmina durrani blasphemy, the marriage is fixed as her mother wants to redeem her own status in the society and Peer Sain helps her in doing so in every possible way. What was the main character thinking when she used the orphan girl as a shield to protect herself and her daughter from her oppressive husband?!

The way tehmina durrani blasphemy have narratedI can almost see the gory scenes dancing before my eyes. These evil people thrive on the ignorance of the poor and superstitious. tehmina durrani blasphemy

Book Review | Blasphemy by Tehmina Durrani

She isn’t even allowed to visit her mother’s home anymore?! The writing style is strong with very selective use of words and efficient language skills. Only thing that stays with me even today is that one would never wish tehmina durrani blasphemy be trapped in tehmina durrani blasphemy environment like blzsphemy female protagonist was. After getting my hands on a copy, as soon as I could, I started reading it. Durrani’s second book, A Mirror to the Blindis the biography of Abdul Sattar Edhi[14] who was Pakistan’s highly decorated social worker.

Only those who meekly surrendered to the wishes of Peer tehmina durrani blasphemy said to be loyal Muslims. The book is set in South Pakistan and depicts male tehmina durrani blasphemy of the highest order, tyranny in its crudest form and religious fundamentalism at its extreme. The book she has illustrated herself was inspired by what she said was one of the happiest times of her life.