How to connect BRAVIA TV to other devices, internet, and accessories. Sony Home & Consumer Electronics: Sony Asia Pacific. The TV can be connected directly with a Wi-Fi Direct/Wi-Fi compatible device ( e.g. smartphone, PC) that also supports the “DLNA Push controller” function. How to connect BRAVIA TV to other devices, internet, and accessories. You can check specific troubleshooting for your model on the i-Manual or operating.

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Please note that this is just basic troubleshooting based on Sony latest TV models. The set definitely requires component testing and replacement in order to get it to function properly again.

In this case, press STOP button on the player for more than 10 seconds manaul reset somy video output resolution to the lowest resolution. Get great tech advice delivered to your inbox. Commonly the capacitors on this board will receive sony bravia ex52 manual surge and then fail.

Ravindra Sawant I am a bit confused by the sony bravia ex52 manual you listed “Sony Expedia 40” what exactly are we looking at? Please check the following: How to view 3D video images on a 3D TV connected to an audio receiver or home theater system?

What else could be causing my problem? Is this a good question? Most Helpful Newest Oldest. I have one too that was given to me to fix.

Wi-Fi Direct Mode

After numerous tries it will come back on but shortly thereafter it sony bravia ex52 manual shutoff again. At this time I suppose it’s a Sony TV but not sure about the exact model Keep your family productive, connected, entertained, and safe.

I put it in the closet and went and bought a new t. View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers.

Now it is become no sound no picture. Turn the Sony Bravia on. Press the TV’s “Power” button while holding down the “Up” arrow button, and then release the “Up” arrow button.

Can hear tv trying to turn on sometimes, sometimes not. sony bravia ex52 manual

HDMI – Home Theater | BRAVIA TV Connectivity Guide

The TV will boot up to the initial setup screen. You can check specific troubleshooting for your model on the sony bravia ex52 manual or operating instructions. As a result, any network connections you’ve established, settings you’ve tweaked and apps you’ve installed will no longer be remembered by your TV.

I have replaced the “A” board. May 7 by Robert Alvey.

Hold down the “Up” arrow button on the remote control that came with the Sony Bravia. After exploring sony bravia ex52 manual web, I ordered a new “A” board.

They can sometimes be visually verified by removing the rear of the set and inspecting them for bulges or leaking fluid at the soby or the base of the caps.


I bavia it out and now my back lights come on sony bravia ex52 manual nothing else. I do have sound, but no picture. Tell them you believe repair should be fair, affordable, and accessible. Sony bravia ex52 manual you turn it on you can here the normal click and power up sound and power button lights son green and it stays on with no blinking but the screen doesn’t light up and no sound. Add your answer David Merritt will be eternally grateful.

Is the HDMI cable connected correctly?