Cable Gateway User manual details for FCC ID JI5-DORY3A made by SMC Networks Inc. Document Includes User Manual SMCD3GNV Wireless Cable Modem. Default Password, Login and IP for your SMC SMCD3GNV (Comcast) router. User Manuals and How to Factory Reset your SMC SMCD3GNV (Comcast) router. SMCD3GNV. Value-Added Multimedia Voice Gateway. Enables Cable Operators to Deliver New Revenue Services. The Opportunity: The Solution.

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Smcd3gnv manual add more port triggering rules, repeat steps 3 through 5. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. If the incoming phone line is connected to another provider, such as smcd3gnv manual incumbent telephone company, it can result in potentially harmful voltage to the analog telephone line.

Download Manual for the SMC SMCD3GNV

Default Metric Number by which the metric value for the path increases when the Gateway receives a routing update that includes changes to an entry. You can change this setting if necessary; however, all devices in your wireless network smcd3gnv manual use the same smcd3gnv manual to work properly. To display the Battery menu, click Gateway in the menu bar, and then click the Hardware and Battery submenus. maunal

When this happens, it often means the computer could not retrieve a network address from a DHCP server and therefore automatically smcd3gnv manual itself an address smcd3gmv the base network address The Login screen smcd3gnv manual see Figure You can also add devices you want to block. Enabling or Disabling Access Types By default, all access types are blocked.

Below the login user name and links are status icons that show the: A password can contain alphanumeric characters and spaces. To be certain of the number of devices that may be connected to the line, smcd3gnv manual determined by the skcd3gnv RENs, contact the telephone company to determine the maximum REN for the calling area. Tip Tips provide helpful information, guidelines, or suggestions for performing tasks more effectively.

Enabling Port Forwarding To enable port forwarding: In the Open field, type ncpa. Using a different power cord can damage the Gateway and void the warranty. From the Windows task bar, smcd3gnv manual Start and select Network.

Therefore, if you are not realizing mmanual data and throughput rates, you may smcd3gnv manual to configure the Gateway so it only offers connections to wireless If the test is successful, you know that the IP address you are having difficulty reaching is alive and physically reachable.

This smcd3gnv manual normal and does not indicate any issue with the Gateway. Select Network and Sharing Center.

SMC SMCD3GNV User Manual

If the connection works, the problem is with the NIC. Connect the other end of the power adapter to a working power outlet. Smcd3gnv manual or Downloading Log After defining a log smcd3gnv manual, use the following steps under System Logs to print or download the log: Therefore, you may need to upgrade your older wireless equipment to achieve faster speed and performance.

Example of Port Blocking Menu To change a port from its default settings, perform the following procedure on the row smcd3gnv manual corresponds to the Ethernet port you want to configure.

However, you can continue to use the other ports.

Try to ping another site. Example of Logs Menu Under Logs Filters, you can set a log filter for the type of logs you want to generate and the time frame they are to cover. In smcd3gnv manual DOS command window, type ipconfig and then press Enter. Figure 22 shows an example of the Status menu and Table 6 describes the menu. Large expanses smcd3gnv manual other materials such as glass, insulated walls, fish tanks, mirrors, brick, and concrete can also affect your wireless signal.

Main Areas on the Web Management Interface Some smcd3gnv manual in the menu bar have submenus associated with them.

To display the Software menu, click Gateway in the menu bar, and then click the Software submenu. These applications can consume large amounts of bandwidth that can prevent you from being able to browse the Web. In smcd3gnv manual Login User Password screen, enter the smcd3gnv manual username cusadmin and the default password highspeed.

Click details and check the IPv4 address. If there are routers between the Gateway and the IP address you manuaal having smcd3gnv manual reaching, the problem might be at one of the routers.

DORY3A Cable Gateway User Manual SMCD3GNV Wireless Cable Modem Gateway SMC Networks Inc

manua For example, to track H. Be sure Caps Lock is off when entering this information. To display the Network Diagnostic Tools menu, click Troubleshooting in the menu bar, and then click the Smcd3gnv manual Reboot Gateway smcd3gnv manual in the menu bar.