Overview: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration. Siebel EAI provides adapters and connectors to help create an integration between a Siebel application and an external application. Other connectors are also. Transports and Interfaces: Siebel Enterprise Application Integration > EAI DLL Siebel CRM version or later, or Siebel CRM version or later.

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EAI Siebel Adapter can then query, insert, update, delete, or synchronize data with the Siebel business object layer.

A transport adapter is a business service within Siebel EAI that is designed to communicate with other protocols and technologies that exist outside of a Blokshelf application. Provides components to integrate Siebel Business Siebel eai bookshelf 8.1 with external applications and technologies within your company Works with third-party solutions, such as solutions from IBM, TIBCO, WebMethods, and so forth Provides bidirectional, real time and batch solutions to integrate Siebel applications with other applications Siebel eai bookshelf 8.1 a set of interfaces that interact with each other and with other components within boookshelf Siebel application.

For each supported business process, the connectors include data mapping between the exchanged entities, and sequencing and error handling. Third-Party Connector Your organization might be required to integrate multiple applications with one another, such as Siebel applications, SAP, Oracle, I2, and so forth.

Some siebel eai bookshelf 8.1 the features that these interfaces provide include: It also includes the business processes that are used to connect to the external application. Siebel Enterprise Application Siebel eai bookshelf 8.1. A transport adapter transports data from the Siebel system to another system: Oracle uses a program that makes sure that these adapters work according to Oracle standards.

This topic describes Siebel EAI usage with business components.

Bookshelf v/ Siebel Enterprise Application Integration

For example, assume an end user accesses detailed credit card information from a mainframe system for a particular customer account, which siebel eai bookshelf 8.1 viewed in the Siebel application interface.

The three types of adapters available in Siebel EAI include:. Siebel EAI provides adapters and connectors to help create an integration between a Siebel application and an external application.

It is a business service in a Siebel application siebel eai bookshelf 8.1 can use an XML document as input, or can use a property set that conforms aei an integration object definition in the Siebel system. Siebel Enterprise Application Integration Siebel EAI is the set of products on the Siebel Business Platform that includes tools, technologies, and prebuilt functional integrations that facilitate application integration.

This adapter publishes strongly typed APIs to allow siebel eai bookshelf 8.1 centric object manager operations, such as insert, delete, update, query or execute. Your organization bookshelt be required to integrate multiple applications with one another, such as Siebel applications, SAP, Oracle, I2, and so forth.

Using the connectors, you can exchange customer, order, and product information siebel eai bookshelf 8.1 a Siebel application and another Oracle application or SAP.

Other connectors are also available through partners for Siebel Business Applications. An adapter is a Siebel EAI component that provides a low level interface to allow one application to talk to another application.

Siebel Enterprise Application Integration. In this case, the basic customer account data, such as account number, name, and so forth, is stored in a Siebel application while the detailed transaction information on the credit card account for that customer is stored in an external siebel eai bookshelf 8.1.

Siebel Enterprise Application Integration. A VBC is configured in Siebel Tools and uses business services to access data from an external system.

Bookshelf v/ Enabling Write Access for the EAI File Transport

For more information on transport adapters, see Transports and Interfaces: Provides access of internal Siebel Objects to an external application Takes advantage of prebuilt adapters and enterprise connectors Provides compatibility with third-party adapters and connectors Provides data transformation Integrates external data through virtual business components and sai business components Provides a graphical business process designer, programmatic interfaces, and a high volume batch interface.

The siebel eai bookshelf 8.1 types of adapters available in Siebel EAI include: Some booksheld the features provided by Siebel EAI include: The detailed transaction information for a particular account is fai from the external system on demand without replicating that information in the Siebel application.

Siebel eai bookshelf 8.1 EBC is configured in Siebel Tools by using a Table object definition in the Siebel Repository, and a physical table that resides in the same Siebel database instance or subsystem that contains other Siebel tables. It might also be installed locally on siebel eai bookshelf 8.1 intranet or on a network location.

Some of the features provided by Siebel EAI include:.