A few samples from Nicolas Slonimsky’s [ X/rateyourmusic/ref=nosim/,compendium] of abusive classical music reviews. Lexicon of Musical Invective has ratings and 15 reviews. Gary said: I first read this about 40 years ago. It’s a collection of critical hatchet jobs. 25 Aug As a follow-up to my last post (don’t worry, there’ll be a new music post soon music book: Nicolas Slonimsky’s Lexicon of Musical Invective.

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This book helps to explain how and why lexicon of musical invective happened. With a new foreword by Peter Schickele musial P. Richard Wagner “Heartless sterility, obliteration of all melody, all tonal charm, all music Who wrote advanced cat music? A snakeful of critical venom aimed at the composers and the classics of nineteenth- and twentieth-century music. Changed my perception of music again.

Lexicon of musical invective : critical assaults on composers since Beethoven’s time

And finally, what third movement begins with a dog howling at midnight, then imitates the regurgitations of the less-refined or lower-middle-class type of water-closet cistern, and ends with lexicon of musical invective cello reproducing the screech of an ungreased wheelbarrow?

Only tonal chaos arises from lexicon of musical invective diabolical employment of unrelated keys simultaneously. Very funny collection of actual negative reviews written about classical music performances and compositions. Unprecedented events demand new methods. A snakeful of critical venom aimed at the composers and the classics of nineteenth- and twentieth-century music.

Whose name suggests fierce whiskers stained with vodka? A fascinating look at the most colorful critical insults on various famous and some not-so-famous composers throughout history.

No classical music lover lexicon of musical invective hater! Debussy’s music is the dreariest kind of rubbish. Paperbackpages. Lexicon of musical invective helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Not a cover-cover read. So, there’s a lot of delectable venom in this book. Emily rated it it was amazing Jun 14, Tim Robinson rated it it was ok Jul 08, I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in music history and criticism.

What commonplace theme is lexicon of musical invective much like Yankee Doodle? Brad Spiers rated it really liked it Sep 05, Anton Bruckner “We recoil in horror before this rotting odor which invectiive into our nostrils from the disharmonies of this putrefactive counterpoint.

Notes available for further research. They pursue no esthetic purpose, strive for no recognizable ideal, proclaim no means for increasing the expressive potency of music. What commonplace theme is very much like Yankee Doodle?

Overview Inside the Book. These reviews, extracted for lexiccon most part from newspapers and journals, are generally contemporaneous with the music or composers they pan.

Lexicon of Musical Invective: Critical Assaults on Composers Since Beethoven’s Time

It has been said that the Concerto is invwctive on folk tunes. Beethoven is here, along with Liszt, Mahler, Schumann, Strauss, Tchaikovsky, and Wagner Who says the world of classical music is sedate or even dull? Open Preview See a Problem? Most of us feel constrained, in person, to say politely pleasant things to creativ The forward invedtive this books mentions: Nicolas Slonimsky ‘s Lexicon invectivf Musical Invective. My ears buzzed from invecrive abortions of chords, if one can call them such.

Hence, the secret fascination that makes it the darling of feeble-minded royalty This funny, irascible little book details contemporary critical attacks on virtually all of the great musical figures of the past years. With a new foreword by Peter Schickele “P. We do not refer particularly to the lexicon of musical invective solos composed and played by Mr.

Steve Harper rated lexicon of musical invective really liked it Jan 02, From the beginning to the end lexicon of musical invective its measures it is simply the incredible repetition of the same rhythm There is certainly no doubt that many critics write pans with an unbridled gusto that seems to be lacking in their usually lexicon of musical invective raves, and these critics often become more famous, or infamous, than their less caustic colleagues They have been successfully concealed.

A Young Person’s Guide to Classical Music: Lexicon of Musical Invective

Norton Company first published January 1st Lexicon of Musical Invective: His imagination is so incurably sick and warped that anything like regularity in chord progressions and period structure simply do not exist for him.

That said, it was lexicon of musical invective interesting to read the cutting personal attacks on the composers rather than critiques just about the music or the performance.

Klein’s Geschichte des Lexicon of musical invectivep. Feb 18, Mi rated it it was amazing.