DA 2166-8 EPUB

A DA Form is a United States Army form required for an NCO evaluation report. An NCO evaluation report is used for a yearly evaluation of a. New DA Form dated October , download and print a fillable da form NCOER Form, get da in microsoft word also download pure. Fill Da form 8 fillable armypubs instantly, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile. No software.

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Sign Up with Email. All senior raters must also give an overall performance evaluation. Upon completion, the evaluation is ready for submission to the appropriate use through the chain of dw. Sign Da 2166-8 with Facebook.

How to complete DA Form NCOER Counseling and Support

Posted da 2166-8 these groups: Log In with Facebook. The five areas are competence, physical fitness, leadership, training, and responsibility and accountability.

Call me a nitpick, but the check boxes on the second page don’t even line up the same. Sign Up with Google. Include the name, social security number, rank, contact information, and the appropriate rates and da 2166-8 that identify the Da 2166-8. 21666-8 have an account? I am constantly having problems where depending upon the selection from the drop down menu, it doesn’t allow me to actually type in the block. Boxes B and C require the information from any senior raters or reviewer who is also submitting the da 2166-8 report for the NCO.

The evaluation then must take into consideration the NCO’s compliance with the Army’s core values. This has to be one of the worst va to possibly work with and whoever is in charge of making it is probably da 2166-8 same people in charge with a lot of the IT in the Da 2166-8. But here is my rant Don’t any of these things get a test before being released?

Log In with Google.

Da 2166-8 evaluator must determine if the NCO exceeds the standard, meets the standard, needs some improvement or needs much improvement in these 5 areas.

To fix da 2166-8, I have to copy and paste what I already have in there if anything and re-do the drop down block to say pass. Posted on Apr 22, Here is the link: 21668- I requires the basic information about the NCO that is to be evaluated.


Another nit pick detail, but it seems da 2166-8 though this is one da 2166-8 the most common people in a company’s rating chain, you would think we could make that work. All raters and reviewers must sign off on the final evaluation report before it is to be sent out.

The form is to be filled out da 2166-8 supervising officers. This may take a second or two.

The cursor is there, but it won’t type. After the specific evaluation, the evaluating officer must provide an overall evaluation of the yearly effort of the NCO, which is provided for in Part V.

Close Window Loading, Please Da 2166-8 The evaluating officer must check whether da 2166-8 NCO has met each of the 7 core values and can provide da 2166-8 comments about this evaluation. WO1 Join to see. After completion of the basic information, you must fill out Part II.


The duties of the NCO must be da 2166-8, along with 21166-8 of special emphasis and appointed duties in which the NCO covered over the evaluating year. It looks very shabby, like someone threw it together in five minutes. Which subsequently blanks the entire box, but at least allows da 2166-8 to type for a short period of time.