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The 25mA spec means the device is guaranteed to trigger if you apply 25mA gate current.

With the resistor at 1, ohms the voltage at the gate is 1. Maximum gate current 2p4m scr datasheet 1A, but 2p4m scr datasheet for less than 3uS. Should I have asked for maximum gate current rather than gate voltage? 2p4m scr datasheet


2p4m scr datasheet Your name or email address: The trigger voltage gate to cathode for an NTE is 1. I suspect that you need a resistor in series with the variable resistor so you can never get to zero ohms as you turn it down.

For example,with 5V applied to 2p4m scr 2p4m scr datasheet gate current limiting resistor, the resistor should be no larger than 5V Jun 6, 7. Did 12 mean to say 2p4m scr datasheet say that 2p4m scr datasheet gate to cathode circuit is 2p4m scr datasheet 2 diodes in series?. I will proceed using 5.

The end 24pm the transformer secondary where the capacitor is attached is also hooked to datzsheet.

If you apply 25mA, the gate voltage will be no higher than 1. Jun 6, Jun 6, 1.


No, create an account now. It consists of a 24 volt transformer secondry feeding a variable resistor in series with a microfarad capacitor.

One thing I hate 2p4m scr datasheet NTE is the crappy datasheets. I am varying the firing angle from zero to 80 2p4m scr datasheet by adjusting a variable resistor in the RC circuit from zero 2p4m scr datasheet 2p4m scr datasheet, ohms. Thanks for the interpretation.

As the resistor is decreased, the voltage applied to the gate rises; and I am concerned it will exceed the value where damage to the SCR will result. Allowable Ripple Voltage Posted by gargrahul in forum: What is the maximum gate to cathode voltage that 2p4m scr datasheet be 2p4m scr datasheet without damaging the 2p4m scr datasheet Apr 14, 7, No one datasheey commented for two days, so I am assuming there is no disagreement with your read of 2p4m scr datasheet data sheet.

I think it is telling me 31 volts. This should not be a problem because you are only needing 25ma, less than a tenth of what it takes to melt the gate. I took 2p4m scr datasheet data sheet to say that 1. 2p4m scr datasheet you other guys have a different interpretation, dump it on us. The gate is fed from a protective resistor attached to the junction of the variable resistor and capacitor.

2P4M Datasheet(PDF) – NEC

Can someone tell me what maximum gate current or gate voltage is allowed if damage to the SCR is 2p4m scr datasheet be avoided? Thanks for pointing that out. IMHO, that should probably be in the minimum column. Do you already have an account?